" I have been enjoying Just Candles for over a year. I have been using the melted candle as a moisturizer on my hands. I have eczema and have been using a cortisone cream for years. Since I started using the wax daily, I have not had to use the cortisone cream. Not only has it cleared up my eczema, my hands smell amazing too! I love this product so much I ordered mini versions to give to my clients at Christmas. Thanks Just Candles - your candles are amazing! Cathy, North Vancouver - Fitness Trainer

"I've been using these amazing candles since the inception of Just Candles Co. and I'm so in love with them. I have not bought any other type of candle or brand since. The burn on these candles is so even, you can use every last drop of that soy wax, unlike other candles that burn through the middle andthewick disappears. The fragrances are amazing. My all-time fave, Pure Oasis. If you have not tried this fragrance you should. Or maybe I should not say that and keep that all to myself?!? I'm so proud of my friends for creating such a wonderful company and filling our homes with gorgeous scents and beautiful looking candles." Cori Andrews, North Vancouver

"Just Candles are my absolute favorite candles. The scents are beautiful and natural with no strong perfumes like other candles. They are by far the most clean , evenly burning and long lasting candles I have ever purchased. I love that they are made by two entrepreneurial women. Just Candles Co. also recognize the importance of community involvement and have been generous supporters of local charity events.

Paula,  North Vancouver